About Aqua

The Company

AQUA DYNAMICS manufactures custom-built Accessories, Kitesurfing, Big Boat Sailing, Windsurfing sail of the highest quality for global brands and customers world-wide, combining skilled workmanship with state-of-the-art technology and innovative design.As one of the market leaders in our field, Aqua Dynamics prides itself in being able to provide almost limitless customization opportunities to its clients. Our high-tech manufacturing facility has 4.500 m2 of dedicated floor space, and is uniquely tailored to satisfy the requirements of our customers for high volume production of top quality, precision-built Paragliders.Aqua Dynamics has developed a constantly improving Quality Monitoring System known worldwide as the ‘AQUA DYNAMICS STANDARD’.

Our Story

AQUA dynamics is a family that prides themselves on delivering a quality product. Our aim is to prove that ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ is a quality stamp that can’t be ignored!Aqua Dynamics has grown to become one of the world’s most versatile action sport companies. Today, we are able to combine multidisciplinary technologies, offering an expansive range of skilled workmanship that goes hand in hand with the latest manufacturing techniques.We were set up to incorporate the Paragliding production activities previously undertaken by its sister company, Aqua Dynamics. Our dedicated workforce has expertise in every stage of the production process; from the initial sourcing of the most appropriate materials, right through to the delivery of the finished product.The technology, materials, parts and expertise used when creating a Canopy all make the Riser unique – Pulleys, Clips, sewing techniques- and are all part of a process that is constantly monitored. Any improvements are fed back into the ‘AQUA DYNAMICS STANDARD’ procedures.The long-standing partnership with Aqua Dynamics has benefited us greatly by providing us with the technology and support network for our current operations.Our manufacturing base in Sri Lanka, a country which is economically and socially stable, is the ideal location from which to supply the Paragliding Industry. Aqua Dynamics is considered to be an ethical company providing good working conditions and workers compensation.