General Manager

Mr Lalindra joined Aqua Dynamics when he left school in 1989, starting off as a Management Trainee when windsurfing was the only existing department. Looking back in hindsight he says, ‘I’m very proud of what we have achieved to date.’  The combination of a new company and him having no experience seemed like a good start with potential of them growing together.  After one year he became an Assistant Production Manager as Stunt Kites were introduced into the factory and three years later promoted to General Factory Manager.  As the factory has grown, so has his knowledge base as it’s imperative to him that he is up to date with all the technology within all the sectors. Mr Lalindra describes the atmosphere at Aqua Dynamics as “very pleasant and it’s a pleasure to work with such skilled people who are devoted to their jobs”  His aim is to continue being the world’s top action sports manufacturer by encouraging loyalty through flexibility and combining team work with skill resulting in an 100% product.