Managing Director

As a dedicated water sports enthusiast and textile engineer, Mr Frank arrived in Sri Lanka in the early 1980’s and started working at North Sails Lanka. Passionate about windsurfing he decided to start a one production facility years later.  Aqua Dynamics was founded and a group of around 20 newly graduated locals become his core team.  Leading and developing a recently founded company back in the 80’s far away from Europe and the rest of the world wasn’t easy.  Against all odds, Mr Frank and his small team worked extremely hard to overcome the learning curves and achieve his goals.

In 2013, Aqua Dynamics proudly celebrated it’s 25th anniversary together with the original core members from the very beginning.  Proud of what they have achieved everyone is looking to the future and expansion of Aqua Dynamics.

A lot has changed since the beginning.  The world turns much faster these days.” Says Mr Frank. “Our customers are competing within a very competitive market and therefore constant progression of production technology, output, flexibility and quality is paramount for us.” 

Aqua has grown to become one of the worlds most versatile action sport companies.  Today, Aqua Dynamics is able to combine multidisciplinary technologies, offering an expansive range of skilled workmanship that goes hand in hand with the latest manufacturing techniques.