The accessories department started up in 2012, after the individual sectors decided it was best to concentrate on the products themselves and expand with a new section of Aqua Dynamics dedicated solely to accessories. The target of this section is to encourage efficiency by introducing new systems for understanding, rather than pressurising workers. At present there are 85 employees but, with accessories in demand it is a growing sector.

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The Team

Team Leader: Mr. Danesh

Mr. Danesh joined Aqua Dynamics in 1990 after his A-Levels and originally starting out on the path of an Assistant Pharmacist. Working his way up through the Windsurfing department from Production Supervisor, Production Assistant, Assistant Production Manager to Manager it’s safe to say he has a great knowledge of all levels of production and the problems they face and now, as Team Leader of the Accessories department it’s obvious his experience is invaluable.

Hard Facts

  • There is over 100 years of experience between the Team Leaders.
  • Over 100m of zipper is used per day for kitesurfing bags alone.
  • More than 2300m of Twill Tape is used per day for seat covers.
  • Printing uses 8.000 kgs of ink per year.
  • More than 1.000.000 running meters of sail, spinnaker and bag cloth is used per year.
  • Aqua processes over 3.000.000 meters of lines yearly.
  • Over 500 kg of sewing thread is used per year.