The cutting department is the core part of Aqua Dynamics and one of the facilities that is evolving the most. Over the past years, output has increased by 1000% due to the introduction of the latest technology such as the Lectra cutter, B&W Laser cutter, Aeronaut Plotter and HP Plotters. With the combination of 106 highly skilled employees, innovation, experience and motivated team leaders, they are looking to steadily increase and improve production.

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The Team

Team Leader: Mr. Jayantha

Mr Jayantha joined Aqua Dynamics in 1990 as a Production Supervisor and in 1995 became a Production Executive when manufacturing for stunt and training kites started. Later promoted to Production Manager for cutting in Windsurfing, Aqua Dynamics decided to centralise the cutting department putting Mr Jayantha at the head. His motto, ‘Work hard and honestly and you will have a bright future within Aqua Dynamics.’

Hard Facts

  • There is over 100 years of experience between the Team Leaders.
  • Over 100m of zipper is used per day for kitesurfing bags alone.
  • More than 2300m of Twill Tape is used per day for seat covers.
  • Printing uses 8.000 kgs of ink per year.
  • More than 1.000.000 running meters of Sail, Spinnaker and Bag Cloth is used per year.
  • Aqua processes over 3.000.000 meters of lines yearly.
  • Over 500 kg of sewing thread is used per year.