The printing department currently has two types of printing techniques; basic screen printing and digital printing, the combination of which allows them to accommodate any material, size or area. With 120 people on the team they cater to the whole factory using up 650 kgs of ink per month. Looking to the future they are currently experimenting with software for the Big Boat Sail Section and are looking to enhance the digital department and nurture the traditional methods of screen printing to cover the areas digital cannot.

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The Team

Team Leader: Mr Roy

Mr Roy is proud to be part of Aqua Dynamics that started with just 20 employees and where he and the MD of Aqua Dynamics printed together, working out how to process, develop and accommodate the print of the products produced. Joining in 1989 with previous experience gained in another facility in Sri Lanka, he had knowledge of a blend of printing techniques. With everything he has learned over the years it is his objective to pass it all onto his team who he said are endlessly motivated to improve and learn.

Hard Facts

  • There is over 100 years of experience between the Team Leaders.
  • Over 100m of zipper is used per day for kitesurfing bags alone.
  • More than 2300m of Twill Tape is used per day for seat covers.
  • Printing uses 8.000 kgs of ink per year.
  • More than 1.000.000 running meters of sail, spinnaker and bag cloth is used per year.
  • Aqua processes over 3.000.000 meters of lines yearly.
  • Over 500 kg of sewing thread is used per year.