The Big Boat Sail department has been going since 2004 and has on average 70 people in the team, increasing to 100 during high season which runs from December thorough to July. With impressively short lead times the efficiency and flexibility of this department is well renowned to their customers who are extremely valued.

Supplying sails worldwide and with technology evolving the machinery in this department is able to absorb customer requirements and as the traditional methods of sail making are diminishing, they hope to double production in the coming years.

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Sascha is not only a partner of Doyle Germany and a customer of the facility but, also started the Big Boat Sail section with Aqua Dynamics in 2004 as a new business producing custom product.  Together they are looking to grow as a trusted production facility who are proud to say “”Engineered in Germany, handmade in Sri Lanka.

“It is important to the customer that fair trade is implicated in manufacturing nowadays.  I don’t agree with the conditions that employees are obligated to work under in China and Bangladesh.  Here in Sri Lanka there is a trust with continuous and consistent quality which is nothing less than 100%.  We have sail cloth sent from Germany along with the design work to Sri Lanka.  The Aqua Dynamics facility is unbelievably well equipped with high end cutting machines that you can’t find any where else that can accommodate our materials.   The production process is seamless with a huge amount of style, quality and perfectionism. Everyone seems motivated to learn and move forwards implementing new technology.  Producing in Sri Lanka is not the cheapest in the world but is truly justified through team management and a quality of life.”

The Team

Team Leader: Mr. Bandu

Mr Bandu joined Aqua Dynamics in 1998 after 6 years as a trainee manager in the garment sector. Originally starting out in the kite department, he moved to the Big Boat Sails sector in 2004 when Aqua Dynamics expanded into sail making. The advancement into this sector was originally under the management and supervision of a german sailmaker who trained Mr Bandu and supplied him with the skills and knowledge to eventually take over 6 months later. Every year Mr Bandu travels to Europe to update his knowledge with the latest technology systems, techniques and to get on the water to test the products. Proud of his sector and the products they make he says ‘I love it like the first day I came’ and that his passion and interest for this ever advancing sector keep him motivated. He places a huge influence on team work, relationships and quality control, considering his team a very valued part of the ‘Aqua family’ for the products that they create.

Hard Facts

  • There is over 100 years of experience between the Team Leaders.
  • Over 100m of zipper is used per day for kitesurfing bags alone.
  • More than 2300m of Twill Tape is used per day for seat covers.
  • Printing uses 8.000 kgs of ink per year.
  • More than 1.000.000 running meters of sail, spinnaker and bag cloth is used per year.
  • Aqua processes over 3.000.000 meters of lines yearly.
  • Over 500 kg of sewing thread is used per year.