The highly innovative inflatable tents have been being produced in Aqua Dynamics for 4 years where quality is of top priority to the customer. A department of 35 high skilled employees at Aqua Dynamics are sure to take care of the production of these intricately designed products. Aqua Dynamics has high hopes for this growing department in the future.

The Team

Team Leader: Mr. Nimal

Mr Nimal came from the Sri Lankan Air Force in 1996 where he was an Aircraft Technician.  Starting out as a Product Manager for stunt and trainer kites he took a break from Aqua Dynamics for a year.  Spending that time as an Airline Technical Data Controller in the Maldives, he returned in 1999 and has never looked back.

Heading up the Paragliding, Kitesurfing and Tent departments Mr Nimal is vital part of the Aqua Dynamics functioning.  He is proud of everything that he and his team have achieved, developed and implemented into the factory.


Production Manager: Ms. Roshana

Ms. Roshana came to Aqua Dynamics 20 years ago as a trainee and has grown to be one of the two key parts of the slick operation that is the kite department.  Starting out in pattern making, sampling and production at a time when kiteboarding was a new sport, there were no team leaders with knowledge of the product so she always had to think for herself and implement her own solutions.  Now, heading up the kite department she is proud of her achievements and is able to pass on her years of experience to help others grow a refine their skill and knowledge base.

Hard Facts

  • There is over 100 years of experience between the Team Leaders.
  • Over 100m of zipper is used per day for kitesurfing bags alone.
  • More than 2300m of Twill Tape is used per day for seat covers.
  • Printing uses 8.000 kgs of ink per year.
  • More than 1.000.000 running meters of sail, spinnaker and bag cloth is used per year.
  • Aqua processes over 3.000.000 meters of lines yearly.
  • Over 500 kg of sewing thread is used per year.